Daily Login Rewards are a special bonus to welcome new players to Avakin. Receiving them is simple: all you have to do is to daily log into Avakin during your first 28 days of game.

Here is some useful information:
• The Rewards panel is located on your dashboard, right beside the news feed. There, you can check your current reward status, see which prizes you have already claimed, and which of your 28 days of rewards there are left.
• After the second day, you can claim your next reward instantly rather than waiting for the next day. To do that you can either pay a fee, which will increase every time you use it, or do it for free by watching a video ad.
• After claiming 5 rewards earlier, you will then have to wait at least 22 hours before getting the next one.
• Don't worry about not logging in: if you skip a day, you will simply pick up from where you left the next time you log in.