In order to maintain a safe and positive environment we have a comprehensive support system in place which is there to maintain a healthy environment for our players.

If anyone is being negative or mean towards you or another player, you can submit a ‘Grief Report’. This is sent directly to our team of moderators who will carefully read the recent chat logs between you and the other player, and then action will be taken against them accordingly.

You will not receive a notification if any action has been taken against them, however be rest assured that each and every report will be manually read by a human moderator. If you have been reported, there is no need to worry about getting banned or suspended if you have done nothing wrong.

Please note that spamming our support system with fake reports can lead to action being taken against you. You only need to submit one report per issue. Asking your friends to report someone is also not advised.

If we find an account that has been proven to have broken a rule, action will be taken against the account depending on what the offence was, and the accounts behavioural history.

There are 3 stages to getting permanently banned:
Firstly, if an account has broken a minor rule that has a relatively good history, a warning will be issued which will be delivered via the in-game mail.

If a slightly more serious rule has been broken, or we have noticed that the account is starting to build up a negative history, we may place a suspension on the account. A suspension is a temporary block from account access. Normally a suspension lasts 3 days, however this may be different depending on your specific account circumstances.

A permanent account ban will happen if we have proof that a serious rule has been broken, this can include hacking, fraud, or scamming. You can also be permanently banned if you have a long history of bad behaviour. Permanent account bans cannot be disputed.

Due to the many different circumstances an account history can have, there are no hard and fast rules as to what will happen if you break a specific rule. The best way to avoid any action being taken on your account is to play fair at all times, and to always be kind and courteous to your fellow players.

You can read more here about our game rules: