You have different options to report a user:

If the player is on your Friends list
> Tap the Friends tab on your dashboard,
> Click on Profile,
> Tap Report, above the player’s username.

If the user is not a friend but is on the same space as you
> Click on the Avakin,
> Open the Profile tab,
> Select the Report option, above the user’s name.

If you’re not friends with the user and are not in the same space as them
> Open the Friends tab on the dashboard,
> Use the Search Tool to look for the player,
> Open their profile,
> Select the Report option, above their username.

Please keep in mind that the report tool is a serious thing, so don’t use it unless necessary. Remember that we may take action against your account if you file a false report.

Submit one report per offence and keep this tool for user-related issues, only. For any bugs or game-related situations, please use the support form.